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Hi!! I'm Harper.

I'm a vegetarian athlete which means, you guessed it--the majority of my hubs will be on this very topic. I'll most certainly have hubs on other topics of course, but those are my favorite by far.

Let's see, what else...I'm a writer and artist by trade. As for the latter, I prefer to use pencil and pastels and occasionally paint as well. I also dabble in photography, and took the photo of the flower in my profile picture in the median of a busy interesection!

Okay, enough about me, feel free to browse my content.

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    All About Sucralose

    3 years ago

    Do you regularly use artificial sweeteners in your foods, but aren't quite sure how healthy they are? Read this article on sucralose, also known as Splenda and other brands.

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    Buying Vegan Friendly Shoes

    3 years ago

    So, you taken the plunge into a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle and now want to take the next step with vegan apparel? Here are a few vegan friendly brands to help get you continue your journey.

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    10 Protein Rich Foods for Vegetarians

    3 years ago

    The truth is out: there are plenty of ways vegetarians get enough protein! Here is a list of 10 vegetarian foods packed with protein

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    10 Iron Rich Foods for Vegetarians

    2 years ago

    Are a vegetarian and wondering where you'll get your iron from? Then read on!

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    Going (and Staying) Vegetarian: 10 Foods to Watch Out For

    3 years ago

    Eek! Who knew these foods weren't vegetarian?! Here are 10 foods every vegetarian should be on the lookout for.

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